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1Information and Communication Technologies68180,226
3Science and Technology2667,640
4Finance and Banking2360,445
7Health and Medical1641,465
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1Information and Communication Technologies13 April 2016
2General19 March 2016
3Business15 February 2016
4Chat/Texting11 February 2016
5Science and Technology27 November 2010
6Health and Medical27 November 2010
7Finance and Banking27 November 2010

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1Science and Technology27 November 2010
2Information and Communication Technologies27 November 2010
3Health and Medical27 November 2010
4General27 November 2010
5Finance and Banking27 November 2010
6Chat/Texting27 November 2010
7Business27 November 2010

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1FXOInformation and Communication Technologies
2FXSInformation and Communication Technologies
3ADSLInformation and Communication Technologies
4CLIInformation and Communication Technologies
5XHTMLInformation and Communication Technologies
6ENUMInformation and Communication Technologies
7NASAScience and Technology
8VOIPInformation and Communication Technologies
9PNFinance and Banking
10GUIInformation and Communication Technologies


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